Nutrition and Dementia: Foods That May Induce Memory Loss & Increase Alzheimer’s

Studies have shown that while some foods boost memory, others actually increase risks for Alzheimer’s disease. These same foods are linked to other serious health problems, making it that much more important to limit or remove them from a senior’s diet.

A healthy diet does more than benefit our waistlines. It improves our heart health, lowers our risk for cancer, diabetes, and other diseases, and keeps our minds healthy. In fact, research has shown that a poor diet impacts memory and increases a person’s chances of developing Alzheimer’s disease.

Why Some Foods Induce Memory Loss

The brain needs its own brand of fuel. It requires healthy fats, fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and adequate vitamins and minerals. Consuming too little of these foods and too many complex carbohydrates, processed foods and sugar stimulates the production of toxins in the body. Those toxins can lead to inflammation, the build-up of plaques in the brain and, as a result, impaired cognitive function.

These effects apply to people of all ages, not just seniors.

Foods That Induce Memory Loss

Unfortunately, the foods that hamper memory are common staples in the American diet. White breads, pasta, processed meats and cheeses, all of these have been linked to Alzheimer’s disease. Some experts have even found that whole grain breads are as bad as white breads because they spike blood sugar, which causes inflammation.

Foods That Increase Alzheimer's Risks

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Here’s a list of foods linked to increased rates of Alzheimer’s disease:

  • Processed cheeses, including American cheese, mozzarella sticks, Cheez Whiz and Laughing Cow. These foods build up proteins in the body that have been associated with Alzheimer’s.
  • Processed meats, such as bacon, smoked turkey from the deli counter and ham. Smoked meats like these contain nitrosamines, which cause the liver to produce fats that are toxic to the brain.
  • Beer. Most beers contain nitrites, which have been linked to Alzheimer’s.
  • White foods, including pasta, cakes, white sugar, white rice and white bread. Consuming these causes a spike in insulin production and sends toxins to the brain.
  • Microwave popcorn contains diacetyl, a chemical that may increase amyloid plaques in the brain. Research has linked a buildup of amyloid plaques to Alzheimer’s disease.

Healthy Foods That Boost Memory

Changing dietary habits is never easy. However, avoiding foods that induce memory loss and eating more of the foods that boost memory improves your chances of enjoying all-around health.

Here’s the list of foods that help boost memory for seniors and the rest of us:

  • Leafy green vegetables
  • Salmon and other cold-water fish
  • Berries and dark-skinned fruits
  • Coffee and chocolate
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Cold-pressed virgin coconut oil

Do you know a senior whose memory improved after making dietary changes?

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  • Alice

    I would like you to publish the links to the scientific studies that back up these claims. I believe with a topic as serious as this, that it is an absolute necessity to always link to the SCIENTIFIC STUDY that supports the claims. I would be highly interested in this information. Thanks!

    • doglover

      I totally agree with you! Too much misinformation is cause for skepticism.

      • Chelsia Hart

        Hi Doglover, the sources are listed at the bottom of the article. Sorry about that!

    • Chelsia Hart

      Hi Alice, sorry about that! We listed the sources at the bottom of the article.

    • Chelsia Hart

      And thank you for pointing this out.


    Is it possible to be able to print out this table and also the one on memory boosting foods only? I mean without the whole article, thanks!

    • MO

      Yes. Cut and paste is all you have to do.


        Thank you very much, my memory is definitely slipping. I should have known that simple solution.

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  • las730

    Alice is seriously rude!!!

  • You don’t have anyone in your family dealing with AD, do you. The foods you list as the worst thing possible, are some of the best things with dealing with AD. There is no scientific study to support these claims, only the food police.

    • tpkyteroo

      I know it is hard to give up the very foods you love. Think of your family and friends. They deserve to have you live for many years. Eating healthily can also help deal with depression, negativity and other illnesses and diseases that we shouldn’t have to deal with.

      One study did find that eating a very healthy and clean Vegan plus Fish diet, plus a specific cocktail of meds and exercise, reversed AD in the 9 of the people they studied. They hope that this can be duplicated on a much larger scale. Until then, they aren’t calling it.

      However, Vegans who eat healthy vegan, aren’t known for getting much cancer or AD. All the people with AD and cancer I know, worshiped Beef, Pork, Chicken with Pasta and White rice. They would couple this with highly processed breads. The Vegans I knew, didn’t have any of these issues, and I knew several in both camps. Just saying. You do what you want. You have freewill as I believe that God gave us all freewill.

      signed one who eats too much white rice and is trying to eat healthier

      • That’s 9 people. In a major study out of the UK, with something like 1.5 million people, those who were ‘obese’ were 30% less likely to develop AD than those who were of a normal weight. That’s 1.5 million people.

        My father did better on cheap, lousy carbs. Complex carbs were a total brain drain. We finally gave up, and for the last year of his life, let him graze on cookies, Cheetos, and peanuts. It was quite remarkable. We could time it. Twenty minutes after tanking him up on what people now consider to be evil refined sugar, his brain was working. Give him a meal of seafood with a balanced complex carb and he was in trouble, mentally.

        I have a real problem with AD meds. If you get down to the fine print on some of them, they are used to control behavior. About a year ago, I went to pick one up at Walgreens. It was $300 that I did not have. I wrote down what it was and went home to start researching it. I discovered that it was starting to be prescribed for kids who were ADHD (or what ever they call it now). In other words – it was drugging him into more passive behavior. A week later, he was no longer sitting around with a vacant look in his eyes. He was active, curious, and his old personality was back. His brain worked better. My sister and I were almost ill over the fact that we had spent the last 5 years keeping him drugged and almost sedated.

        The brain need sugar to form energy to function. I think we are hurting people, almost creating what could be a serious dementia problem, by treating sugar like it is evil. There is some interesting work being done on a combination of whole oats, coconut oil, cinnamon, and honey. We kept my father on it, every day, for 3 years.

        Some of the most promising work being done on AD is with caffeine. In lab rats, when their brains are injected with caffeine, the damaged AD cells actually repair themselves.

        • tpkyteroo

          I’m fully aware that they want more research done to see if the results can be replicated on a larger scale. Still, they have proven in other studies that too much zinc, copper, iron, sugar and processed foods causes grey matter to form on the brain which in turn causes alzheimers or dementia. They also proved that Fish is good for memory, in other research studies.

  • Gloria Wilson

    Could you possibly eat pasta and cold cut that are organic?

  • Doc

    The opposite may actually be true with beer; it may be neuroprotective; it is a rich source of a component called uridine which helps new neurite growth; i would recommend that beer be removed from the list

    • Noddypocket

      Keep beer on any list. Unless it’s French beer.

  • Yvonne

    I saw on the news this morning that Dr. David Agus is involved in a study that may have some breakthroughs in an
    Alzheimer’s study. A drug that reduces plaque in the arteries and brain. Hopefully on the marked in 2016. Solanezumab. An infusion once a month with no serious side effects.

  • Pedecia

    Whole grains complex carbohydrates linked to increase risks of alzheimer?? What a joke!! What about meat and diary?? Why are not mentioned here as the first principal cause of most all diseases of humanity??? Until all you people decide to speak up the truth and stop with the non sense people will always be affected by alzheimer, MS, Heart disease, Cancer and premature death. Only a complete Natural Plant Base Diet without any animal products and sub products can prevent these diseases nothing else. Good job on keeping confusing the masses. All these disease are nearly all connected to arteries and veins blockage. When a vein gets clogged in the brain that’s what happens. Just recently an Italian team of doctors discovered the hot water saying that MS is caused by excess Iron into the brain. Iron that could not be flushed out because of veins blockage. A diet with animal products will clog your arteries and veins, a diet full of fat and cholesterol will clog your arteries and veins including in the brain. The body needs 80% carbohydrates, 10% protein and 10% fat on a meal and these percentages are perfectly reached eating a full natural plant based diet without added processed oils of any kind. So also olive oil, coconut oil and the like are all highly detrimental for the human body. If you want the benefits claimed by the producers of oils eat the product itself in his integrity. Eat coconuts, eat olives, eat flaxseed, eat chia seeds. Don’t believe on these corrupt, money driven scumbags. They just want your money and will always hope to get you sick so you go back to them for more. Eat a natural whole food plant based diet without unnatural oils and you will never need to worry about alzheimer and all the other diseases the thiefs made up so they could sell us more pills and unnatural remedies. Give it a try and you’ll see for yourself. Namaste’.

  • Is the current GMO wheat to be the cause agent to make wheat (whole or white) the culprit of causing alzheimer’s?

  • Before wheat was termed GMO’d was it discovered that wheat (whole or white) could cause alzheimer’s?

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