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As children we used night lights to scare away “monsters,” and as adults we use them to find our way in the night.Blue Light May Help Alzheimer's Patients Sleep

Now, Alzheimer’s patients may use a specific type of blue light to reset their internal clocks in order to sleep better.

Alzheimer’s Resets the Circadian Rhythm

The circadian rhythm is an internal biological clock that sets our sleep patterns.

Many Alzheimer’s patients have a disrupted circadian rhythm so their sleep cycle is off, leaving them awake at night and tired during the day.

Dr. Guerman Ermolenko, a geriatric psychiatrist, and Mariana Figueiro, from the Lighting Research Center at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in New

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Doctors, families, researchers and seniors living with Alzheimer’s or dementia are eager to end the epidemic, finding a cure to eliminate the disease entirely. However, scientists are still perplexed by dementia as recent failures of promising treatment options are revealing just how complex the brain is and how hard it is to reverse the signs and symptoms of Alzheimer’s.Scientists Still Perplexed by Dementia

Learn more about the the complexities of treatment options, the failure of recent studies and why researchers aren’t giving up on hope for a cure.

Scientists Still Perplexed by Dementia and Failure of Treatment Methods

Researchers and scientists are well aware of the growing Alzheimer’s and Read more

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