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If you know someone with Alzheimer's disease or have been diagnosed yourself, this is your community. grew out of the need to have a social network that will be a respite, a resource and a way to connect with others who share a common bond. Get authoritative, up-to-date resources and advice from professionals with expertise about Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias.

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A new study analyzed the habits of nearly 7,600 people to learn more about how a formal dementia diagnosis impacts daily behaviors that may be dangerous for a person living with the disease. The study found that while people with undiagnosed dementia were less likely to engage in potentially dangerous activities such as driving or cooking hot meals, they were also more likely to engage in these behaviors than people who had  been formally diagnosed.Undiagnosed Dementia: A Senior Safety RIsk

Learn more about this study and the hidden dangers of living with undiagnosed dementia.

How Undiagnosed Dementia Can Lead to Unsafe Behaviors

A new study recently published in the Read more

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Summer is officially upon us and for many of us, that means fun family vacations. However, these vacations can turn stressful for caregivers who are traveling with a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease. Caregiver Tips for Traveling with Alzheimer’s

Although it can be overwhelming, foresight and proper preparation make it possible. Learn more from these caregiver tips for traveling with Alzheimer’s.

Tips for Traveling with Alzheimer’s

Here are 10 ways caregivers can lessen the stress of traveling with someone who has Alzheimer’s and still keep your summer plans:

1. Carry important documents and medications with you.

These documents should include emergency contact information, a list of current medications and doses, food allergies and Read more

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