Brain-Boosting App May Detect Alzheimer’s

Do you have an iPhone or an iPad? A game available on these two devices might be able to detect and track the progression of Alzheimer’s Disease.

Brain Boosting App May Detect Alzheimer's

Pfizer, a pharmaceutical company is working with game developer, Akili Interactive Labs, to determine if their game, Neuroracer, can detect early signs of Alzheimer’s or dementia in seemingly healthy senior players.

A Game to Detect Alzheimer’s

The game development company Akili, was co-founded by neuroscientist Adam Gazzaley who started the company with a goal to turn his research into medical products that could make an impact in the fight against Alzheimer’s Disease.  Neuroracer requires players to stay on a track while also shooting down signs on the road. An initial study led by Adam Gazzaley found that elderly players had improved multitasking ability, memory, and better focus after playing the game. As the ability to multitask improved, brain activity actually changed and the cognitive benefits transferred into every day life.

Perhaps most importantly, the study confirmed that cognitive function can be improved with proper treatment and training methods. Depending on further testing, the app could help serve as a benchmark for doctors to test a patient’s response to other treatment methods and could pave the way for more games as medical tools. Vice President of Research and Development at Akili, Eddie Martucci, said, “We think this is an emerging field and we want to be the leaders in it. We’re making a new type of product: Mobile video games that can be mainstream medical tools.”

Brain Games

Although this may be the first app of its kind to identify Alzheimer’s disease, there is no shortage of games that claim to help improve cognitive ability. Try one of these brain-boosting apps to give your mind a workout:

Sodoku by EA: This game requires the player to fit the numbers 1-9 in each row, column, and box without repeating a number.

Math vs. Brain: More than just word problems, this app is a math brainteaser app and is free on iTunes.

Mind Games: With over 20 different puzzles and 200 levels of difficulty, this game will keep your mind busy.

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock: This app ensures you are getting quality sleep, which can help prevent Alzheimer’s.

Luminosity Brain Trainer: Designed by neuroscientists, this app is a collection of brain games specifically designed to boost brain power.

Do you have any brain boosting apps you love? Share them with us!

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