The Faces of Dementia: an Online Quilt

An online Facebook group has dedicated itself to remembering lost loved ones with dementia. The group created a touching virtual quilt composed of the faces and names of people who have been touched by dementia, that includes those who passed with the disease, those currently living with the disease, and their caregivers and family members. Learn more about this quilt and how it honors the fight against dementia.The Faces of Dementia: an Online Quilt

Remembering People with Dementia Virtually

The online Facebook group called, “Memory People: Faces of Dementia” asked people worldwide who have been affected by dementia to participate in the virtual quilt, which is comprised of over 200 people affected by Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

The virtual quilt includes people living with dementia, people who have died from dementia, caregivers, health care professionals and family members — anyone who has been touched by dementia in any way. Participants submitted their own photos and quotes and designs for the quilt, which can be viewed here.

The quilt was sponsored by Memory People, an online Alzheimer’s and and dementia support group. The virtual quilt launched on November 7, 2013. Rick Phelps, founder of Memory People, said on Facebook that they created the quilt so that people could see there is life on the other side of dementia. Leanne Chames, Executive Director for Memory People, added that:

“It’s important for people to know they will make it through this journey. It is common some days to wonder how, but it seems we all just take another step forward; even through pain and loss.”

Honor a Loved One and Participate in the Virtual Quilt

With Alzheimer’s reaching epidemic proportions, almost everyone knows someone who can be on this quilt. The quilt is meant for anyone and everyone who has been touched by the disease, not just for people diagnosed with dementia.

If you would like to participate in the quilt, send an email to [email protected] letting them know you are interested, and they will help you create the square honoring your loved one. You will be able to preview the final product before it is added on the quilt.

Who would you like to create a quilt square in honor of? Share your story with us in the comments below.

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  • Selena Henson

    Hello,I am writing about my dad. He lost his battle with this disease last July.I stayed by him for 6 years,he had just beat cancer and a tornado destroy his business… and 5 months later divorced

    • caitlinburm

      Hi Selena, thank you so much for sharing such a personal story about your family with us. You sound like you are an incredibly devoted caregiver, and your father sounds like he was an amazing man. If you would like to honor him on the Faces of Dementia online quilt, please email: [email protected], so that the organization can help you create the square honoring your father. We will be thinking of you and wish you and your family the best.

    • Leeanne Chames

      Hi Selena, I hope you’ve been able to participate in our quilt, we welcome anyone to be a part. And if you are in need of support, we are here for you. We welcome patients, caregivers, and those who have lost their loved ones. We also have another group where we can share and find comfort together after the loss.

      Here’s the link to our online group on Facebook, we would love to have you. Hugs to you, you are not alone.

      [Link Removed]

  • Leeanne Chames

    Thank you so much for telling our story, Alissa. It’s all of us together in this journey, that give each other the help and hope we need to get through today. We don’t have a cure, but we do have each other and that truly means the world.

    If you’ve been affected by Alzheimer’s or any type of dementia, please join us today. We’ll walk this with you, each step of the way. Bless us all in this journey.

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