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Top 5 Alzheimer's News for July

Alissa Sauer
By Alissa SauerJuly 30, 2014

July was a busy month for Alzheimer’s disease researchers and advocates. Among this month’s biggest news was the Alzheimer’s Association International Convention, which took place in Copenhagen, Denmark July 12-17.

Learn more about the convention and the discoveries that were presented to the global community at the international conference.

The Alzheimer’s Association International Convention

The Alzheimer’s Association International Convention (AAIC) is the world’s largest gathering of Alzheimer’s researchers. The Alzheimer’s Association says that the AAIC, “Serves as a catalyst for generating new knowledge about dementia and fostering a vital, collegial research community.” This year was certainly no different.

Here are the top 5 discoveries to come out of the international conference:

Small Changes and Hopes for Preventing Dementia
More than one study presented at the conference focused on the smaller, everyday lifestyle changes that can prevent dementia and Alzheimer’s. While past research has focused on reducing the beta-amyloid build up in the brain, recent studies have honed in on reducing stress, increasing exercising and eating healthy as the best way to prevent the neurodegenerative disease.

To Prevent Alzheimer’s, Diet and Exercise Are Effective, Large Study Shows
In keeping with some of the other studies presented at the conference, one particular study focused on how diet, exercise and other non-drug treatment options could help dementia. By observing over 1,200 at risk individuals, researchers found there is hope that simple lifestyle changes can have a positive effect on dementia.

Why Alzheimer’s Rates May Be Declining In Some Countries
More good news to come from the AAIC showed that Alzheimer’s rates may be declining in the United States, Sweden, Germany and other wealthy countries. This decline is largely attributed to higher education levels and better control of health. In poorer countries where education is often lacking, such as sub-Saharan Africa, rates appear to be rising.

The Alzheimer’s Epidemic: Where We Stand
Acknowledging the looming Alzheimer’s epidemic and the need for effective treatment quickly, researchers at the conference reported the development status of a variety of Alzheimer’s treatment drugs from top drugmakers.

New Data On Possible Protective Behaviors and Dementia Risk Factors
Researchers presented on lifestyle factors that may increase the risk of dementia such as lack of sleep, especially when combined with post-traumatic stress disorder. Identifying these risk factors can, hopefully, make Alzheimer’s prevention a reality.

The AAIC made great progress in Alzheimer’s and dementia research and prevention this year. We are excited to see how this research impacts future studies. Mark your calendars for AAIC 2015, from July 18-23 in Washington, D.C.

What Alzheimer’s research are you most excited about following? Did we miss any news that you would like covered? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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Alissa Sauer

Alissa Sauer

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