From the organizations that raise money to fund research the the laboratories where this research is done, here are some of the best links related to Alzheimer’s research. Many of these centers have focus on understanding specific aspects of Alzheimer’s disease and related disorders, while other centers have more comprehensive approach.

Alzheimer's Research Centers

These organizations and research centers will play a crucial role if we able to cure Alzheimer’s by 2025, which was the very ambitious goal set by Kathleen Sebelius and the Department of Health under the leadership of President Obama.

Organizations Raising Money for Alzheimer’s Research

Alzheimer’s and Dementia Research Centers

While these centers may be exploring many avenues of research, we’ve grouped them based on their focuses:

National Alzheimer’s Centers

Centers Researching Alzheimer’s Neuroimaging

Alzheimer's SignResearch Centers Researching Genetics of Alzheimer’s

Research Centers Focusing on Diagnosis and Early Detection of Alzheimer’s

Research Centers Studying Alzheimer’s Prevention and Causes of Alzheimer’s

Centers with Other Avenues of Research or Comprehensive Research Strategies

Other Alzheimer’s Research Centers