Best Alzheimer’s Blogs from 2013

Alzheimer’s disease affects more than 5 million people. Many caregivers and activists have chosen to blog about their individual experiences with this disease. believes that sharing these stories helps generate support for Alzheimer’s advocacy and research funding. 

Best Alzheimer's Blogs from 2013

Often, the stigma that comes with Alzheimer’s disease prevents people from talking about it. But some have chosen to share their struggles and feelings in blog posts. Through their Alzheimer’s blogs, these writers provide insight and even answers for others dealing with Alzheimer’s.

Best Alzheimer’s Blogs from 2013 honors these individuals and has chosen its top 5 blog posts for 2013.

Norman McNamara (Inspiration for the Purple Angel):

Norman was diagnosed with dementia in 2008. He blogs about his experience, the parts he dreads most and what has come to inspire him–raising awareness about dementia. He organized the United Kingdom’s first ever Dementia Awareness Day (D.A.D.). And he’s the inspiration behind the Purple Angel, which signifies recognition of dementia worldwide.

We enjoy Norman’s down-to-earth nature and how openly he talks about his struggles. In addition to his blog, Norman is an active member of Us Against Alzheimer’s and connects with people through Twitter.

Ann Napoletan (

Ann used to write for and has made it her life’s mission to educate the world about Alzheimer’s and dementia. She lost her mother to Alzheimer’s in 2012 and blogs about her experience as a caregiver. In particular, about the cruelty and helplessness this disease brings. values how genuinely Ann writes and her passion toward ending this disease.

An advocate for Alzheimer’s prevention, Ann offers support to caregivers and reaches out to others through her website. She’s also an administrator for the Us Against Alzheimer’s Community on Facebook.

Memory People:

Diagnosed with Alzheimer’s at the age of 57, Rick Phelps created Memory People to offer real-time support to people affected by this disease. Our favorite Alzheimer’s support group, Memory People welcomes anyone interested in information about Alzheimer’s. Its goal is to provide understanding, comfort and a means for sharing experiences as well as to raise awareness.

With almost 5,000 members, Memory People is a closed Facebook group, meaning any posts are seen by members only.

Lori La Bey (Alzheimer’s Speaks):

A family caregiver to her mother and the founder of Alzheimer’s Speaks, Lori La Bey has been blogging about her story since 2009. She knows firsthand the challenges of caring for a parent with Alzheimer’s and being a working parent herself.

Lori’s blog posts led to speaking opportunities and, in 2011, an Internet radio program. We appreciate Lori’s activism and outreach. In fact, she’s renowned as the leading online voice for Alzheimer’s. Through Alzheimer’s Speaks, she promotes collaboration among organizations, communities and individuals as the key to building a dementia-friendly world.

Bob DeMarco (Alzheimer’s Reading Room):

An Alzheimer’s caregiver to his mother, Bob DeMarco started the Alzheimer’s Reading Room to track the thousands of Alzheimer’s resources he’d found. He soon realized that the majority of caregivers are thrust into their role with little to no experience and become overwhelmed.

Bob started a blog to share his story and encourage readers to share theirs, providing support and “real life” answers to everyday problems. We admire how Bob has grown an online community of caregivers, clinicians and other professionals in the field. With over 4,000 articles, the Alzheimer’s Reading Room has become a leading source of news for the Alzheimer’s community.

What are your favorite Alzheimer’s blogs?

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  • E.G. Lord

    I’m surprised to see Memory People listed here when my posts on what I found works for my husband are removed by the moderator Leeanne Chames (i.e., about Reiki to help calm my husband’s anxiety, coconut oil, supplements not yet approved by the pharmaceutical companies, etc.). I like to see my husband’s symptoms reversing due to supplements and Reiki ( because that’s all we really have, isn’t it? There is no known scientific causes or cures, yet millions are falling into the Alzheimer’s maze by the minute all over the world.

    The MP group is really not about “…anyone interested in information about Alzheimer’s
    ” but rather about a lot of family caregivers complaining about being trapped, depressed, and looking for someone who can identify with their tragic life ~ not the person living with Alzheimer’s and finding ways that may work for their loved ones too. I was very surprised you are promoting such a group here. I’m out of the group after finding out the true purpose through correspondence with Ms. Chames.

  • Fern

    “Living in the Shadow of Alzheimer’s”

  • mymexicandrugstore786
  • I would love for you to consider adding my blog to your list. I recently (i.e. this year) started blogging about the journey with my mom who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in 2008. Thanks for much for your consideration; here’s the link:

  • Donna Lowderback Austin

    Memory People now has almost 9,000 members. I’m an admin on that site, and it is growing by leaps and bounds. So much practical help for patients, care warriors, health care workers, family and friends. Thank you!

  • Else

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    – both for the person with dementia and for the relatives!

    Best regards

  • Oyundoyin Anthony

    Interesting post and sharing of nice information.

  • Nancy Wurtzel

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    • caitlinburm

      Thank you for sharing, Nancy!

  • Rachel Moore

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