Quote: Alzheimer’s Patients Can’t Advocate For Themselves

Quote: There Isn't a Michael J. Fox equivalent for Alzheimer's

 “It’s shameful. You don’t want to talk about the fact that your parents have Alzheimer’s. Another reason is, the patients themselves are demented; they can’t advocate for themselves. There isn’t a Michael J. Fox equivalent for Alzheimer’s.”
– Seth Rogen

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  • ((timidly raising my hand)) As a PWD in beginning stages I am appreciative for Dementia Awareness, but (aside from the fact that I think term “demented” has been so abused as to be an accusative term) there ARE advocates! Look at Dementia Alliance International dot org which is made up almost entirely of my fellow advocates. But when we are labeled as “demented” who will listen to us? –56yo patient, legal name Truthful Loving Kindness

    • Thans for sharing your insight too Truthful Loving Kindness… it seems we have a lot to teach people without dementia.

  • Barry

    I can’t agree with this persons comment about and I quote:
    (Alzheimer’s Patients Can’t Advocate For Themselves) unquote:

    And I abhor the fact that he says that people with Alzheimer’s
    or Dementia are (Demented) as still today to many people view the word ‘Demented
    as being Utterly Crazy’ which people with dementia are not, we just have a cognitive
    impairment or memory problem, his views are just adding more stigma to the illness.

    As for the “Advocates: then I suggest that he takes a look
    at some of the many Dementia related groups here on face book to view how so many
    people with dementia can still advocate for themselves, and in particular look at
    (Dementia Mentors Website) and view some of the now over 60 videos that have been
    produced by people who are living with dementia YET are still able to be positive
    and help others. No more to be said so I will get off my soapbox!

  • Laura

    Mr. Rogen would be well advised to do some research and check out Dementia Alliance International. I challenge him to meet with their membership and I dare him to look any one of the members (almost all of whom are active advocates for themselves and others) and tell him or her that they can’t advocate for themselves.

    • Well said Laura. I look forward to meeting him, and introducing him to a number of ‘Michael J Fox’ equivalents!

  • No Michael J Fox for dementia? What a load of bollocks!

    I am appalled by the insensitivity and ignorance of Mr Rogan in this instance. Of course many people with dementia are not only able to self advocate, many of us do advocate globally and very publically for ourselves, and for all people living with dementia.

    Regarding using the disrespectful and offensive term ‘demented’ the international dementia language guidelines have recommended not using that term as far back as 2008 when referring to people with dementia. Most of us find it as insulting, demeaning and devaluing, in teh same way a person with a physical disability would find the word retarded.

    Open your eyes Mr Rogan!

  • mrs hsg

    I pity him, I am sure he will come to regret such an ignorant statement. They say ignorance often comes from fear of ones own weaknesses.

    I am not sure that this will harm the education of what it means to live with Alzheimer’s simply because this is such a ridiculous thing to say by someone so obviously arrogant.

  • Laura

    Dementia advocates at work: http://youtu.be/vAekmeWMFDk

  • Court17

    Mr. Rogen speaks on behalf of those who maybe unlike yourself, has not fully accepted that they have the disease. He is speaking on behalf of those who were in denial so long, that it got to the point where they could not advocate for themselves. Alzheimer’s looks different on everyone. I applaud Mr. Rogen for at least bringing Alz to the public’s attention. When he said demented, he meant that they are not always in their right mind and that is true. Seeing this disease in both sides of my family for 2 generations, I am very well versed in how it can look. His intentions are very good, any publicity is good publicity.

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