A New Facebook App Fights the Alzheimer’s Stigma

Alissa Sauer
By Alissa SauerMay 5, 2014

A new Facebook app called FaceDementia allows healthy individuals to experience what it’s like to have a disease like dementia and fights the Alzheimer’s stigma.

FaceDementia users watch their Facebook photos and memories gradually disappear on a short video. After the video, they are able to return to their Facebook page where nothing has changed, unlike the nearly 36 million people worldwide or have Alzheimer’s or a related disease.

Experiencing Dementia Firsthand

The new app allows users to experience what it’s like to live with dementia. Developed by Alzheimer’s Research UK, the app creates a short video displaying the users personal photos, important life details, and even status updates. These precious memories then gradually disappear before the user’s eyes. Throughout the video, the user can pause to watch other short videos where people explain how they have been personally impacted by the disease. 

The app does not hold any information or affect the user’s personal Facebook page in any way. After the video, users can return to their Facebook page where nothing has changed. 

Raising Awareness

Developers hope that FaceDementia will raise awareness of the condition and illustrate the effects of the disease on a personal level. In addition, they hope that the app will help reduce the stigma associated with dementia. Rebecca Wood, chief executive officer of Alzheimer’s Research UK said, “Stigma around dementia is due in part to a lack of public awareness and understanding, so FaceDementia will be invaluable in helping people better understand the condition.”

Developers encourage users to spread the word and share the app with family and friends. 

What are you thoughts on the FaceDementia experience? 

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Alissa Sauer

Alissa Sauer

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