Poem: A Caregiver’s Response

Poem Caregiver's Response

A Caregiver’s Response
by Albert Reinsch, Sr.

(This poem is a humble response to the inspirational and informative poem, An Alzheimer’s Request, by Owen Darnell.)

I shall do my best beloved,
To do all you’ve asked of me.
When I fail you must forgive me,
For where you are I cannot see.

What I know is that I love you,
More than the world can ever know.
Yet, so often I fail to show it,
I’m so ashamed that this be so.

Please forgive me for my failings,
It is not for lack of trying.
I know you need me to be strong,
But it’s so hard when I am crying.

I, too, need you so much my darling,
Until we’re renewed in heaven above.
Your smiles reward and give me courage,
Our hugs and kisses seal our love.

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