Poem: Advice on Caring for Alzheimer’s Patients

Chelsia Hart
By Chelsia HartNovember 13, 2013

Advice on Caring for Alzheimer’s Patients

By Joy Glenner

Dear family and friends; please try to understand

What I am now, not think of me as I was.

I am alone, shut in, with my fears

My frustration, my forgetfulness.

Forgive me if I strike out at you.

Why do I do that?

What has happened to me?

I cannot cope in this alien world.

I feel threatened, I am frightened.

Speak softly, approach slowly.

Repeat again and again aha thou want of me.

Those twister tangle in my brain

Have messed up my world.

Be patient, for I do love you,

And I need your help and love

So very, very much.

– Your Alzheimer’s Patient

Chelsia Hart

Chelsia Hart

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