Alzheimer’s Poem: I Am Still a Person Staff
By StaffJune 26, 2015

I have Alzheimer’s, but just the same,
Kenny Dale Lauer is still my name
I may not remember who you are,
But I know your special, at least so far.
I cannot Speak, no words come out.
But if I could I think I’d Shout.
Sometimes I’m Sad, and shed a tear,
Sometimes its, scary and lots of fear,
Sometimes I smile when you stop by,
Even if it’s just to say hi.
I worked at Fairbanks, this I know
But, don’t you all? I do think so.
It is hard to swallow when I try to eat.
But good ‘ol ice cream is still a treat.
I drool a lot and make a mess
It’s part of this crazy disease I guess.
I wear pull ups, and I hate clothes,
and what I’m thinking, no one knows.
All the nurses and helpers too,
Know exactly what to do,
I love my Teddy and Teddy loves me,

I am still a person, and God Bless Me.

– Judy Lauer

About the Author

Judy Lauer is a caregiver for her 70-year-old husband who has been suffering from Alzheimer’s disease for the last 8 years. Staff
Author Staff

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