Alzheimer’s Poem: I Am Still a Person

I Am Still a Person

I have Alzheimer’s, but just the same,
Kenny Dale Lauer is still my name
I may not remember who you are,
But I know your special, at least so far.
I cannot Speak, no words come out.
But if I could I think I’d Shout.
Sometimes I’m Sad, and shed a tear,
Sometimes its, scary and lots of fear,
Sometimes I smile when you stop by,
Even if it’s just to say hi.
I worked at Fairbanks, this I know
But, don’t you all? I do think so.
It is hard to swallow when I try to eat.
But good ‘ol ice cream is still a treat.
I drool a lot and make a mess
It’s part of this crazy disease I guess.
I wear pull ups, and I hate clothes,
and what I’m thinking, no one knows.
All the nurses and helpers too,
Know exactly what to do,
I love my Teddy and Teddy loves me,

I am still a person, and God Bless Me.

– Judy Lauer

About the Author

Judy Lauer is a caregiver for her 70-year-old husband who has been suffering from Alzheimer’s disease for the last 8 years.

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  • Moyra P.

    How beautiful; I wish I could express so eloquently how I or my own husband might feel, but I am still at the anger-that-it-has-happened stage. My partner has an almost complete Statin-induced memory loss.

  • Robin Fazenbaker

    Alzheimers is not the journey any of us would choose, and it is difficult for everyone connected to the patient, particularly the caregiver. This poem by Mrs. Lauer is absolutely beautiful. I too am a caregiver. I have been given a tremendous gift by being able to care for my Mom through this journey. I am learning to love the little girl inside of her, even when she demonstrates the challenging behaviors or mood swings. She is just starting to exit level 5, quickly progressing to level 6 – and it has certainly not been easy for either of us. What a wonderful blessing to walk beside her as long as I can, to comfort her, to love her, and to just be there as much as possible. I know that we may soon have to have professional care for her, but I cherish each day with her, and I feel truly blessed. She and I have talked at length about the diagnosis early in her adventure, and she wanted to travel the road with humor and dignity. So far she has done relatively well, and she has taught me more during this journey than I ever dreamed possible. What a blessing!!

    • caitlinburm


      Very well said. Thank you for sharing! We will be thinking of you, your mother and family and are wishing you the best during this time.

    • Ebony Goddess


  • oolonmcc

    A lovely poem.

  • Ebony Goddess

    BEAUTIFUL!!! I pin this poem in memory of my father ELLIOUS MARBURY who died of this disease in 2009 at age of 88 yrs young. GONE BUT NEVER FORGOTTON

  • Linda

    Thank you so much for the poem! We had just gone though an ordeal with my 87 yr old mom ,she’s in stage 6 now and I’m her caretaker.I went to this sight just to read about the different stages and I seen your poem and was blessed by it again Thank You. Linda

  • Sally morrow

    This describes totally my young husband who had early onset thank you

  • Madia

    My husband of 63 years passed on Nov. 30, 2016 of this horrible disease. Thankful on Thanksgiving afternoon our daughters, husbands,, 5 grandchildren and 8 Great grandchildren were with him and he was all smiles…and from then until his passing he was very still. As our Pastor said ‘it was his ‘last hurrah’ and God called him home. He will always be the love of my life!

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