Poem: I Understand

I Understand By Joy Rembert

I Understand
by Joy Rembert

How difficult it must be for you,
To watch me become less of the person you once knew.
My body is here, but my mind is not.
The things we once shared, I may have forgot.
This will be our longest goodbye.
For the mind of the person you love, is slowing and will die.
I will not act or behave like the person I once was.
But please remember, it’s not something I have control of.
I’m sorry for this burden I put on you.
There will be some rough days, with teary eyes and hearts of blue.
But let the love of so many years carry us the rest of the way.
Because this is not forever and our souls will meet again one day.

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  • Julie Jones

    That was an absolutely beautiful poem and I know that one day my mum will be like this. I cried when I read this and have shared it with in a group for people living , working or having this horrible disease. x

    • I wrote this because I deal with it personally and professionally. Thank you for sharing it. I only pray one day they find a better way to help prevent, manage or hopefully cure it.

  • barbara campbell

    so sad i know what it is like going through this as we went through all this with my mum god bless her xx

  • Rachel Hope McFeron

    This touches my heart…I miss the Mom I once knew. She is no longer there….sometimes I ask God to take her before she suffers any longer…..then I feel guilty for thinking of it. I will be heartsick when she does go home but now, I am so totally exhausted and sad.
    I want my Mom back….

  • Sara Eastman

    This is so surreal and true for me right now; my mom is slipping away, more and more. Thanks for writing this.

  • Kathy

    Both my mom & dad have Alzheimer’s. My dad started with it 2 1/2 years ago then my mother had a massive brain bleed & is now suffering with it. They were both in a nursing home within a month of each other. They are both slipping from us very fast mentally. My mother was always a caring loving person, my best friend. Now she is upset all the time, harsh with her words & says things that she never would have said in a million years. My dad is so sad & lives for his dog, she is what makes him happy. She lives with me now & I am allowed to take her to the nursing home for visits. This disease is so cruel….I can’t believe both of my parents have it & I am on the long goodbye with them….

  • Thank you Joy…lovely sentiment and helping me get through my current situation….very much appreciated!

  • Maggie Sindane

    This poem sounds like my Mum ( who is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s) is talking to me, each time I look at her when I bath or give her something to eat, it’s like she is saying to me; ” I know how difficult it must be for you to watch me less of the person you once knew, I am sorry for this burden I put on you” This is so heart breaking as I watch her in a state of mind that I never thought she would be in. All I can do is to ask for patience and strength to keep on helping her as she walks this difficult path.

  • kathy leveque

    Thank you Joy. This is the most beautiful poem I help with people that are victims of the horrific disease and it breaks my heart. But I do know and believe that when we pass our souls go with all the memories of all our experiences. Loved ones will be together again in spirit one day.

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