Poem: In A World Called Perfect


In a World Called Perfect

by Heidi N. Franz-Hoyt

In a world called Perfect,
everyone gets along
money grows on trees,
and we never get sick.

In a world called Perfect,
no one ever gets tired,
or hungry,
or old.

In a world called Perfect,
everyone is happy,
no one is sad,
and memories never fade.
Unfortunately, we do not live in Perfect,
we live in Today.

Where people don’t get along,
money is hard to come by,
and we do get sick.

People do get tired,
we do get hungry,
and we do get old.

Everyone is not always happy,
some people are sad,
and our precious memories can fade.

No matter what world you live in,
just remember –
you are ‘Perfect’ in my world!

Heidi N. Franz-Hoyt
October 2003
Poem dedicated to my loving Dad

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