Poem: My Dear, I Love You

Poem: My Dear, I Love You

My Dear, I Love You
by Jerry Ham

From one who has Alzheimer’s, and yes it is hard
Just for a moment, let me share from my heart.
Please forgive me for the things that I say.
If I were well, I would not be this way.
Although I can’t tell you, I’m so glad you are here.
But I know you are hurting, cause I see your tears.
I wish I could tell you, what you mean to me.
Could we please go back to what used to be?
But no, we are here, and I’m a stranger it seems.
Though I might wish otherwise, it’s more than a dream.
Please, just remember, when I curse and yell,
it’s not really me that you see, just my shell.
In spite of the difficult days we’ll go through,
this one thing is true…my Dear…I love you.

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