Poem: On My Father’s Dementia

Poem On My Father's Dementia

On My Father’s Dementia
By Daniel Marcou

his mind has holes
i reach into each
feeling my way
through the darkness
of memories dimmed
what i will grasp
that he can’t

his mind has holes
yet his heart is full
beating with
each breath
like a clock
ticking the days
there is no future
there is no past
there is just
what there is
and even the present
make sense

his mind has holes
i reach inside them
with the hope
of finding
my father
not for me
or my family
but to give

his mind has holes
and through them
he journeys
in a circle
from obsession
to paranoia
and back again

his mind has holes
he waits
in a cerebral bread line
hungry for memories
starving for stories

his mind has holes
what was once whole
is now hole after hole
if only they
were truly empty
and not
so full
of confusion

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  • sabra leigh kelly (Rickel)

    It’s so hard I never imagined my strong cowboy Dad ever being confused not knowing who I am one minute then hating me the next. He got locked out and was near tears begging for someone to let him in. He gets these blank looks his pupils are beady and he’s not a person I know anymore. I love him I’m so sad for him.

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