Poem: Walk With Me

Poem: Walk With Me

Walk With Me

by Norma McNamara

Walk a while with me my friends, walk with me today,
Come and see what I see, and listen to what I say,
Yes I have dementia, and sometimes I get worse,
Please be very grateful, that you don’t have this curse,
But are we all that different, the likes of you and me?
We breathe the same; we feel the same,
the same things we do see
The only different my friends, I don’t feel that well,
When I can’t remember, everything you tell,
My heart beats just as quickly as yours, my blood
runs just as fast,
But because of my dementia, my shadow, it is cast,
It’s the shadow cast by others, that takes away my light,
Turns my life to darkness, my pleasure to fright
For when you cast that shadow, and it comes my way,
It drains me of my energy, makes me hide, or run away,
Sometimes I do different things, my mind is not my own,
But do YOU never talk to yourself, when you are alone?
So am I all that different, the likes of you and me,
So my friends come walk a while, the futures ours to see.

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