Poem: Yes, I’ll Cry

Yes, I'll Cry

Yes, I’ll Cry
Jerry Ham

Each day I watch my mother walk.
I hear her sigh, I hear her talk.
She speaks of loved ones no longer here.
I watch helpless, as she sheds a tear.
Alzheimer’s is stealing my mother away,
And she grows worse each passing day.
She needs help with all her care,
From getting dressed to brushing her hair.
We cut her food to help her eat.
This once tidy woman is no longer neat.
She often seems to live in the past,
Please dear God, how long will this last?
As her memory goes, I can only stand by,
Frustrated and helpless, and yes…I’ll cry.
Those who love her, she no longer knows.
How long till her memory completely goes?
Each day I watch my mother walk.
I hear her sigh, I hear her talk.
I watch daily as she slowly dies.
I can’t help her, and yes…I’ll cry.

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  • Hanka Gisicki

    totally get this, every day is different, every week that little bit harder.. knowing it will never get better but only worse.. cherish every second while you can

  • Diane

    This is so sad when you’re Mom has always loved knowledge and getting out in the world and doing things on her own. Now she is just a shell of who she was, losing more and ,more weight. I sometimes wonder how much longer she can hold on, she’s taking care of my Dad, he’s probably what is keeping her going. She looks so tired/.

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