Quote: Still Alice

Quote Still Alice

“What ‘Philadelphia’ did for AIDS, ‘Still Alice’ may do for Alzheimer’s.”
– Maria Shriver

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  • cindy lou

    I went to work for a Home Care Agency almost 3 years ago. I thought I knew what ALZ was till my boss lady handed that book, STILL ALICE. That book changed my whole outlook on what was going on, my WHOLE outlook on how to care for a ALZ patient. You are so correct in hoping that this movie could change the way things are done. Our only hope is that there is more research on ALZ for medicine and treatment. No, cure; but maybe a better perspective on how to deal with this growing population for our families and friends and neighbors. They ALL need a louder voice from all of us! Let’s stand up and shout!

    • rose

      you are so right on this I watched the movie STILL ALICE it made me cry. I never understood ALZ but after the movie it really opened my eyes. My dad is 94 and in the early stages of dimin. I see how other family members get aggrevated at him its because they don’t understand the disease and how it changes a person. I wish they would read up on the disease and understand not only how it has changed him but how it has changed us (his children)

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