Alzheimer’s Prevention: Spices That Heal

Spices That Heal

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  • Patricia Sidhu

    My doctor prescribed Namenda for me, to help stop Alzheimer’s. My mother was diagnosed in October 2013. I don’t have Alzheimer’s disease yet. Is this true about NAMENDA?

    • Damon

      No. Namenda does not prevent Alzheimers. In combination with medication like donepezil. It can slow the symptoms but it does nothing to the.underlying disease.

      • Pep

        Agree! As our Father died of this disease 10 yrs ago. Our Mother is in Assisted Living for 4 yrs. doesn’t know our name but says I’m one of hers. She’s been on Namenda for last 5 yrs along with other meds.

  • Jean

    How is Rhodiola Rosea used as a spice? And, how much is consumed daily?

    • Dru

      I came across Rhodilola about 1 year. Initially I didn’t think there was any effect one way or the other. But since I had purchased so much of it I continued to use it. Today it is perhaps the most effective supplement that I use. There is a noticeable improvement in my state of mind. It gives me a lift. Also my insomnia has resolved. Which was unexpected because it was said that this stimulates the brain so I thought this would make my insomnia worse. But what I found is that because I was at a more peaceful state of mind I would fall asleep normally. It doesn’t knock you out like sleep aides it just puts you at ease so you don’t stay awake all night. Over all it does what many have described it does which increases mental energy in a subtle way and by doing so it reduces anxiety and a depressive state of mind. I believe this is how I would describe how it works as well.

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